Frequently asked questions

Will my lipstick last all day?

It depends on the formula. We normally offer 2 options. Either a stain which lasts 6-8 hours or a lipstick and we can make you a sample of your shade with something to touch up through out the day. Lipsticks are generally more hydrating and natural, where as a stain is more opaque and lasts all day, it does have the potential to be more dry.

How long do false lashes last?

Strip Lashes can last for 2-3 days with proper maintance and sleep pattern. If you sleep directly on your face they will crease beyond repair and have to be disgarded. However if you remove them the same night, they can be reapplied up to 10 times with proper care.

Can I choose my artists?

Yes! You can absolutely take a look through portflio's and decide who you would like to work with. Whether it be a wedding, or event, you have a say so just let us know your preference! If you don't have one, we will ask you a few questions to better undersand your vison and place the artist she feels is the best fit. This is all contingent upon the artist's availabitly of course.

Do you offer cover up?

Yes we offer all forms of cover up! Whether it be tattoo cover, injury, scar, broken capillaries, bruising, dark spots, aging... We have experience with all so just let us know ahead of time so that we make sure we bring the appropriate product and can price the cover up correctly. Pricing is based on size.

Airbrush Vs Traditional?

Theirs certainly pos and cons to both options. The main benefit to airbrush is the time it saves. It's very time efficient especially when working fashion shows or large events. We feel we can acheive the exact same look with the traditional method so its really personal preference as far as the over all look. You can achieve a flawless, natural looking, HD photo ready application with both airbrush or traditional. The main difference is that traditional method has to be applied by hand which takes longer then it does with airbrush. However the airbrush machine is very technique sensitive which is why most artists will still go in and do some traditional techniques to perfect what the airbush machine didn't. Long story short, time is the over all difference. We can ensure reguardless of your choice, you will be camera ready!

When is the best time to schedule a trial run?

Our opinion is that you schedule your trial about 1-3 months out, or at a time when you have pictures scheduled like engagement or maybe for your bridal shower. It's a good time to test the makeup or hair! We prefer closer to the wedding if possible so that it's fresh in the artist's mind. However we do take notes at the time of the trial so that we know exactly what produts are used and can make the proper adjusment if needed.

Will my makeup last all day?

All of our artists use a variety of high end products and techniques that we've learned over our yeas of trials and tribulations! It is our job and as professionals to ensure the makeup holds for whatever the case may. We always ask what the clients skin is like before making product selections to ensure that we are using the appropiate product for your skin type.

When should I get my brows groomed?

We recommend to get them shaped and perfected by someone you trust or have seen lots of pics of their work. It will make your makeup artists goal to perfect your brows much more attainable. Also straggler brow hairs tend to show up on camera and on the day of you really don’t want to be plucking making your eye area red before pictures. Have this done atleast 3 days before your wedding and 3 days before your trial if possible!

Do I need to do anything before getting my makeup done?

No. We recommend you have a clean fresh face that's about it!

Does adding a second artist cut my time in half?

This doesn't cut your time in half, but will majorly speed up the process so that we don't have to start as early. We have a minumn of 8 people required to reserve 2 artists.

Is it okay to tan before?

Yes. Be sure you know how your skin will tolerate the tanning process before hand. Tanning can make the skin very dry and uneven to the neck if you tan with residue makeup with spf on your face which can make it difficult to try and even out. Spray tanning can be very hard to blend out around the forhead area if not done properly so make sure you do your research!

Whats the difference between a lipstick and a lip stain?

Lip stains can potentially be a bit drying to the lips. It definitely has a more opaque, bold look to it as well. Lipsticks/ Lipglosses have a much more hydrating, natural finish however you have to touch it up every couple of hours. The formula makes all the difference. Anything too matte could make your lips dry even if it's a matte lipstick. If your lips are hydrated you can choose either but if your lips are chapped and cracked, go with a hydrating option and your artist will make you a sample to touch up with later.

What order should we have everyone go in?

In general we like to have the bridesmaids go first, then the bride, and mothers last. Whoever is in the first set of pics need to be finished which is why we recommend mothers go last. It’s important that 2 hours before your ready time that you are in the hair chair as its most likely going to take a full hour on your hair and a full hour on your makeup. This kind of thinking is necessasry to being on time for not only your pictures but for your wedding! I often see the bride just relaxing until 1 hour before the time and hasn’t started makeup or hair, which then creates stress on the sylists and the bride as well which is never fun. Once the bride is ready we can be finishing up the mothers while the bride gets ready for pics with her girls/ fiance.

What should we expect for touch ups?

At the end once everyones makeup is completed, we will do a final touch up on everyone to ensure everyone has a fresh face and lip. We'll do a lash check and make sure you're not shiny as well as touch up your lip a final time. The artist will either do a stain which lasts 8-10 hours or we can make lip samples of your color to take with you for the night. It’s never a bad idea to go to ultra or Sephora and check out some colors you love that way you have your own that you know you love. However we always offer either option for you to choose :)

How do I take my lashes off at night?

The glue we use will feel sort of like elmers glue when its dry and you peel it off the back of your hand. Start on the outter corner and pull inwards towards the inner corner of your eye to gently remove the lashes. They can be re used just be sure to remove the excess glue from the the prevous application.

Do you use Latex?

Yes, our glue does contain latex so if you have an allergy be sure to let the artist know so she can be prepared with LATEX FREE GLUE.